Nutrix Remedies Safflower Oil CBD Tinctures


Nutrix Remedies Safflower Oil CBD Tinctures were designed to be your full spectrum CBD staple for daily use.

  • Marked dropper for easy serving sizes
  • Ideally used as part of a daily health routine
  • Budget friendly  
  • 3 strengths available

Strength Per Serving

15 – 70 mg CBD per serving

Total CBD

450 – 2,100 mg CBD per package

Total Servings

30 x 1 ml servings

About Nutrix Remedies Safflower Oil CBD Tincture

Nutrix remedies maintains a minimalist approach to manufacturing it’s products by maintaining a 2 ingredient formulation. Safflower oil as the carrier oil combined with distilled hemp extracts to offer one of the highest quality CBD products with a low cost per milligram. Our distillation process used to produce the hemp CBD Distillate is so efficient that the end result is a colorless and tasteless tincture that provides an endless amount of benefits for your health. Many Nutrix Remedies customers have had remarkable results for their health issues and addressing the physical and mental stress that we deal with everyday. 

How to use Nutrix Remedies CBD Tinctures

Press down firmly on child resistant dropper lid while twisting. Once open, squeeze graduated dropper top to desired levels. Please refer to our CBD Serving Calculator to help estimate the daily amount needed. 

Why Use Nutrix Remedies CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures have an astounding list of benefits that they can be used for. To sum it up, CBD tinctures can be ingested through the mouth as well as applied on the skin for localized issues. These products are versatile and can offer high amounts of CBD in each 1 ml serving. 


Safflower oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate


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