Nutrix Remedies MCT Oil Oral Tinctures


Nutrix Remedies Oral Tinctures were formulated to be a staple in your daily routines.

  • Marked dropper for easy serving sizes
  • Ideally used as part of a daily health routine
  • Budget friendly  
  • 3 strengths available in MCT and safflower oil



Strength Per Serving

15-70 mg per ml

Total CBD

450-2100 mg CBD per 30 ml bottle

Total Servings

30 x 1 ml  servings

Nutrix Remedies maintains a minimalist approach to manufacturing it’s products by using as few ingredients as possible in its base line of tinctures. We give customers their choice of MCT oil or safflower oil as the carrier oil combined with distilled hemp extracts to offer one of the highest quality CBD products with a low cost per milligram. The distillation process used to create the hemp CBD Distillate produces an extract that is so pure that the end result is a nearly colorless and tasteless tincture. Many Nutrix Remedies customers have many reasons to begin using CBD products. Pain and inflammatory issues are one of the top reasons people begin using CBD oil. The properties of CBD are great for taking the edge off troubled areas of pain and for reducing inflammation around muscles and joints. Customers are also using the CBD tinctures for relaxing and anxiousness because the compound CBD actually has a strong effect on the mechanisms in the body that cause anxiety.


How to use Nutrix Remedies MCT Oil Oral Tinctures

Open Nutrix Remedies MCT Oil Oral Tinctures by pressing down on lid and twisting lid open. Squeeze dropper bottle to suck up desired amount of oil. Each Nutrix Remedies MCT Oil Oral Tincture is graduated, allowing accurate measurements of the oil. Please refer to our CBD Serving Calculator to help determine an accurate serving amount based off you your size. 

Why Use Nutrix Remedies MCT Oil Oral Tinctures

There is a long list of benefits that people see when using CBD tinctures. Our product line is no exception when comparing to other brands. Our product line was designed with budgets in mind and because of such, we offer one of the best price per miligram product lines on the market.  


MCT oil, full spectrum hemp extract. 

2 reviews for Nutrix Remedies MCT Oil Oral Tinctures

  1. Sebastian Hodson


    I work with Chill Hempire, an online CBD Lifestyle Magazine. I wanted to find out whether you would like to feature your business by way of a guest posts and banner ads?

    We are currently featuring a lot of brands in our posts and thought that you may also like to get featured.


  2. Jordan

    LIFE SAVERS!!! My knees tend to ache in the evenings, especially after a long day at work. This product helps me sleep at night with no aching. I could not live without this, and now I don’t have to take 1000mg of ibuprofen two or three times a day.

    Thank you for this product.

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