Mountaintop Wellness CBD Tinctures


Mountaintop Wellness CBD Tinctures

  • Measured dropper for easy serving
  • full spectrum organic hemp CBD
  • organic spearmint
  • therapeutic grade cinnamon leaf oil & cinnamon bark oil

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Strength Per Serving

20/30 mg CBD per serving

Total CBD

600/900 mg CBD per package

Total Servings

30 servings

Mountaintop Wellness has produced a fantastic line of CBD Tinctures utilizing a combination of organically grown hemp, terpenes, and natural flavorings. Mountaintop Wellness’ all natural, organically produced CBD tinctures were formulated to provide the most out of healthy combinations of hemp extracts and essential oils. The company sources organically grown hemp in order to manufacture their extracts, ensuring that no pesticides or harmful chemicals will make their way to the customer. All flavoring ingredients are all natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Mountaintop Wellness sources all of its hemp extracts from U.S. farms that only produce hemp under organic practices.

how to use Mountaintop Wellness CBD Tinctures

To use Mountaintop CBD Tinctures, first start by calculating your estimated serving size by dividing your weight by four, which will give you an approximate daily serving size in milligrams. Then measure out a serving of the tincture using the dropper and take the oil sublingually. Let the oil sit underneath your tongue for 30-45 seconds before swallowing. Adjust as needed.

why use Mountaintop Wellness CBD Tinctures

A proprietary blend of organic hemp oil, full spectrum CBD, and essential oils, Mountaintop Wellness’ tinctures are designed to be compact and portable for on-the-go use. It’s the perfect option for those  who want a flavored CBD tincture. The essential oils included in the Cinnamint tincture have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antiemetic properties. This makes Mountaintop tinctures a great choice for anyone.

Mountaintop Wellness CBD Tinctures ingredients

Full Spectrum Organic hemp CBD, Organic Spearmint, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil

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    Excellent products

  2. Kelly Grace

    Got this tincture as a gift and it is amazing. Use it all the time for sleep or anxiety! Would recommend to anyone!

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