Mountaintop CBD Lollipops


Mountaintop infused lollipops contain 60mg of CBD and make for a convenient grab and go way to consume CBD throughout the day

  • 5 wonderful flavors
  • convenient for traveling
  • low cost

Strength Per Serving

60 mg CBD per serving

Total CBD

60 mg CBD per package

Total Servings

1 servings

Mountaintop CBD lollipops make the best traveling companion when your are looking to use CBD throughout the day but are not able to carry a bottle of CBD tincture. These amazing CBD lollipops have a high concentration of CBD at 60 mg per sucker providing more than enough beneficial hemp extract to be effective for a single serving.

One of the greatest benefits to using the Mountaintop CBD Lollipops is the sublingual absorption of the extracts. Because of the design of lollipops and other hard candies, when you consume Mountaintop CBD Lollipops the extracts have a long time to sit in the mouth to be absorbed.

How To Use Mountaintop CBD Lollipops

Cut outer sleeve with scissors. Unwrap CBD sucker and place in mouth. For best results periodically rest lollipop inside of the cheek area for better absorption. 

Why Use Mountaintop CBD Lollipops

Mountaintop CBD Lollipops are delicious additions to your wellness regimen. These delicious CBD suckers pack a potent punch with 60 mg of CBD in each sucker. Mountaintop CBD lollipops were made to be long lasting and provide extended relief to the user. 

Mountaintop CBD Lollipops Ingredients

Sugar, light corn syrup, CBD ghee, natural flavorings. 


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