CBD Serving Calculator

CBD Serving and where to start

This CBD Serving Calculator was put together because all new users of CBD oil have one major question: How much CBD should I take?” We take a different approach than other CBD companies when it comes to answering this question. Many companies measure servings based on drops which, while convenient, is highly inaccurate because dropper bottles are not regular from batch to batch. This leaves a lot of variables up for chance when trying to replicate your servings from bottle to bottle. Let’s take a look at how you can accurately guage how much CBD you should take, how many servings a day you should have, and how to judge what strength of tincture you should invest into.

how much cbd should I take?

Our experiences with answering our customers questions over the years has allowed us to develop a great method of calculating exactily where our customers should begin with CBD servings. We like to calculate based on your body weight to start with, then provide you a measurable volume that you can replicate every single time.


CBD Servings Based On Body Weight

Using your body weight as a basis for calculating CBD servings is a very accurate way to be able to calculate how much you should be consuming every day. Let’s assume you are looking into a full spectrum hemp extract product, if we take your body weight divided by 4 will give you a relative baseline of about 2.5 mg for every 10 lbs of bodyweight which is a generalized place to start. In most cases this tells you all that you need to know, but there are some instances where this calculation would not be very accurate to a person trying out CBD.

What type of CBD Should I Use

If drug testing is an issue for you, than full spectrum extracts and even broad spectrum extracts pose a risk for failing a drug screen. In an instance like this the only alternative available is to use a CBD isolate based product which wouldn’t put you at risk for testing positive for THC. The problem with our calculation here though is that full spectrum hemp extracts are significantly more effective than pure CBD extracts. Meaning it will require morePure CBD extract to actually get a similar effect out of a full spectrum extract. So this leads us to the next part…

What are you using CBD for?

The answer to this question is actually one of the more important ones to establish. We ask this question for a couple of key reasons:

  1. It helps us gauge what you should expect out of using CBD oils
  2. Provides some key insight into the frequency that a person should be consuming CBD.

For people that are wanting to use CBD for the benefits of relaxation or even to help with going to sleep, a person could take their full daily serving 1 to 2 hours before bed and get the most benefits of cannabis’ relaxing properties. This method is great if you are looking to go to sleep, but it would probably not work so well if your needs meant you also can’t get drowsy or risk falling asleep. This is part of the reason that people that are using hemp extracts for anxiety actually benefit from using less.

When it comes to using Cannabidiol for physical stress though, finding the right balance to provide the benefits throughout the day can be a little more challenging. In instances where a person is using hemp extracts for medium to moderate levels of intensity, splitting the daily serving amount into two servings is often enough. If the physical stress levels are moderate to severe, we will recommend splitting that daily CBD Serving into 4-6 servings. This allows for the products to be microdosed throughout the day, avoiding the drowsy effects of high levels of cannabinoids entering the system all at once.


How often should I take cbd?

The Frequency that you take CBD is based heavily on what you are using the products for. If you were to be using CBD for sleep alone, taking your daily serving right before bed would be perfect. We typically will recommend starting with splitting your daily serving amount into two smaller servings and seeing how effective this works for your needs. The key to determining the proper frequency for using CBD is finding a routine that provides you just enough benefits but does not overly relax or sedate you.

Using a combination of intake methods will help tremendously when determining how often you need to use CBD. The type of product also impact when you need to use CBD as well. For instance, CBD Oil Tinctures offer great long lasting effects but take rather long to begin affecting your body. Inhaled CBD products are very fast acting, but the effects wear off after about 30 minutes or so. Topicals are great for easing aches in certain areas, but ultimately do not have near the effects of ingested or inhaled methods of using CBD.