Finding The Right CBD Product Guide


Until recent times, we haven’t really seen the many different methods of using CBD.  For many years, we didn’t even know it existed, and where it did- uses have primarily limited to smoking, eating, or making a topical treatment.  In the last decade, our options have exploded, and CBD can be found on every block. This isn’t all good news. The way the market is structured today, leaves wide open doors for opportunists and fraudulent companies to make their killing.  That means we need to arm ourselves with the knowledge and advocacy to find the truth on our own. It can be done fairly easy, we are going to try to remove the complexities of shopping for the best CBD product for you.   

 Hemp/CBD Flower

This is an excellent source of CBD, if you are interested in whole plant therapy.  The beautiful thing about flower is that you get the benefit of all cannabinoids present.  Nothing has been processed out, and you are consuming CBD in its truest form, the plant.  This is a great choice for those needing immediate to short term (typically 2-4 hours) relief from troubling issues.  Flower can also be processed into other things at home, such as edibles, juices, oils, salves, creams, and so on. If you are able to save steps and process your hemp/CBD flower into your desired end product, you will save a lot of money in the process.  If you can’t that’s just fine, it can be a tricky process. We at Boutique Botanicals have done the work for you.  

A word of caution about CBD flower, if you are in a sensitive employment situation, and need to make sure you consume zero THC, you will want to ensure the CBD flower you consume has tested at zero percent THC.  Otherwise, you do run the risk of returning positive on any drug testing.  And a final note, good CBD flower almost always has a small amount of THC within its cannabinoid structure, as mentioned above, it will contain all of the plant’s cannabinoid properties.


 CBD Oil 

Once Hemp flower is grown and harvested, it can be made into oil.  This is usually done one of two ways, either by isolating the CBD, or using a whole plant extraction method, often referred to as distillate.  This is a great choice for those that want to make their own CBD products, as it can be added to food, or even your favorite hand cream. It can also be taken sublingually (under your tongue), or put into capsules for oral consumption.  There are even CBD feminine hygiene products, and suppositories available in many areas. Effects of CBD oil generally last much longer than inhaled methods, and typically last anywhere from 6-8 hours. This is of great benefit to those that are only able to consume CBD once or twice a day.  

Most of your CBD manufacturers will use either isolate or distillate to create their CBD products, no matter what the end product may be.  It is important to remember that isolate will not contain any THC, as the CBD has been isolated, whereas distillate will contain whole plant extract and should contain all the cannabinoids therein, including even trace amounts of THC. This is very important when finding the right CBD products to take.   

CBD Edibles/Tinctures

Ah, the good ole CBD gummy bears.  That’s not all! CBD edibles include virtually anything edible you can think of.  CBD edibles can range from a butter you make at home from either Hemp/CBD flower or oil, to pre-made edibles you can purchase from your favorite CBD retailer.    

With any CBD product, you will want to pay attention to ingredients and processes used to make your edible.  Once you have chosen a CBD retailer, such as Boutique Botanicals, they will have done a lot of the hard work when finding the right CBD, and can direct you in which edible and dosage will work best for you.  Edibles are a great way to consume CBD discreetly and the effects last much longer, than by inhalation. Tinctures are processed and consumed in same fashion, except most tinctures can be taken sublingually as well as orally. 

Remember to start small and work up. Whereas CBD isn’t going to get you “high”, consuming too much can have undesired effects. It is also a waste of your money to take more than you actually want to, as we all know CBD is not cheap.  A little planning and keeping a journal of your CBD regiment will eliminate a lot of time and bring you desired results much faster. There is a wide range of dosing and consuming options with edibles and tinctures, so it really is best that you do your own research and speak with a knowledgeable CBD consultant that can get you started on the right foot.

CBD Vape Cartridges

Despite the recent news in the media with the black market vape tragedies, there are cartridges available that are considered safe for consumption.  Sourcing your vape cartridge is key here, and having a reputable CBD store, like Boutique Botanicals will ensure you are getting a good product that does not contain any damaging carriers or ingredients.  They will have all the testing information, and can explain what the ingredients are and what they do. Vaping can be highly beneficial to those needing immediate/short term relief (typically 2-4 hours) from CBD, discreetly or on the go.  Vaping has much less to no odor from the product, as the CBD vape oil is vaporized, instead of simply burned, and expelled air is vapor, not smoke. CBD vape cartridges range in potency, and are also perfect for someone needing a little more CBD than from flower form. 

Topical CBD

CBD products that are topical can be extremely effective, as we are covered from head to toe with cannabinoid receptors on our skin.  Over 20,000 cannabinoid receptors can be found anywhere we have skin. That is why many that use topical CBD supplements, report immediate and positive results.  These products include creams, ointments, salves, rubs, bath bombs, sprays and even makeup. Topical CBD is ideal for those that have issues that can be pin pointed to a specific area, muscle, or joint.  There are also many great topical products that incorporate the use of other beneficial ingredients that can help with specific topical issues such as lavender, eucalyptus, vitamins, minerals, or other herbs.  As with any CBD product, you will again want to pay attention to ingredients and the manufacturer’s processes to ensure you are getting a quality CBD product.  

This discussion, of course, does not include every single CBD product being produced, it’s impossible to keep up!  We wanted to discuss the most commonly used when finding the right CBD products for you. New products that are coming on the market include patches, gums, and many other implementations that you would’ve never though of.  The thing to remember is that CBD is making a difference and thankfully, all of us can find a spot in our self care that CBD would be beneficial.