Important things to consider when looking for a CBD Product

Ten years ago, not many people had even heard of CBD (Cannabidiol).  Today, it’s literally everywhere. The problem many of us have is, how do I know if I am getting a good CBD product?  There are some important things to consider when shopping for CBD supplements, and we will talk about some of these below.   While this is a general guide to sourcing your CBD products, we are not discussing specific dosing or therapies. This is simply to assist you in the navigation of the saturated CBD marketplace, in hopes of saving you time and money and who doesn’t need more of that?


Sourcing your CBD

CBD comes from a cannabis or hemp plant.  Generally speaking, a plant is considered hemp if it contains less than .03 percent THC.  CBD is found in both types of the plant. When looking for a great CBD product, you will want to source your CBD all the way back to the garden.  How was it grown? Were pesticides used? What nutrients or additives were used in the growing process? How was it harvested and cured? Are testing results available from a 3rd party laboratory?   These questions are especially important if you are ingesting CBD flower that has not been processed, as processing changes the cannabinoid composition and percentage levels of the same.  In any case, you will want to know where and how your CBD was grown, and a good CBD Store will have all of this information for you.  

CBD Extraction Processes

There are several ways to extract CBD from plant material.  To break all of that down for us regular folks, there a just a couple things to remember when buying anything with CBD in it.  If the CBD has been extracted by isolation (Isolate), then there will be zero THC in the product. Any other extraction method may leave traces or even large amounts of THC in the final product, and therefore a consumer may test positive for THC during drug screening.  The degree of importance of this greatly depends on personal circumstances, and should be weighed accordingly.  

Also, depending on your situation, and legal status of cannabis in your particular State, you may want to at least consider a CBD product with other cannabinoids, such as THC or CBG to achieve more of a whole plant effect.  Either way, knowing how the CBD has been extracted and knowing the difference between isolate and distillate, or other extraction processes will go a long way in maintaining peace of mind. Your CBD retailer will have all of this information on hand, and they should be familiar with their manufacturer’s procedures and testing results.


End CBD Products

These are the products that are made with your extracted CBD material.  After the manufacturer has extracted the CBD, it is then turned into supplements, oil, creams, lotions or balms, and even smokeable products such as CBD wax, or vape juice.  No matter what you are looking for, as far as your end product, you will want to know the followings things across the board: How many milligrams of CBD are there? Are other cannabinoids present?  Is there 3rd Party testing information?  What carrier agents or other ingredients were used in making your end product, and are they safe? 

Having the answers to these questions will help you on your journey to choosing a CBD product that is right for you.  Please keep in mind, that not all places that you can buy CBD will have all of this information. Until CBD is recognized as a medicine and regulated as such, there will be an open market for fraudulent companies and unsafe processing procedures.  This makes it even more important to do your homework and know what you are buying.  

A great CBD Company, like Boutique Botanicals will have all of this information at hand, and a lot more information that you didn’t even know you needed.  All of the staff bring a personal commitment to their crafts and have spent a lot of time learning all aspects of CBD therapies. They will also know the steps your CBD took to get to you, from plant to your hands, and how to use those CBD products to achieve the most benefit.  Some stores may even have a medical professional on staff, such as Boutique Botanicals. These people will be able to pinpoint your goals and help you achieve success in choosing what CBD product is right for you, specifically.  

Take time to look for a CBD store that does just that, CBD.  Yes, I’m talking to all you folks that have tried CBD products from a gas station.  Don’t do that, as you just don’t know what you are getting. Look for a brick and mortar store that has stood the test of time, and makes CBD their entire business.  You won’t be sorry. These will also be the same people that stay up to date on changing laws, new research, further uses, and new products-so you can feel assured that you have the latest information available regarding CBD throughout your journey.